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Name: Ardy Veltkamp
Also Known As: The Dutch Bastard
Hometown: Voorburg Netherlands
Occupation: Owner of a fitness center
UK Pb: N/A
European Pb:

68lbs common, 60lbs mirror from Raduta lake, Rainbow Lake: Mirror 67lbs and a common 61,5lbs

70.4 lbs mirror carp and my new mirror carp reccord 72.6 lbs 33.1 kg. 108 cm. Hungary

Favourite Bait: Franck Warwick Baits
Favourite Rig: Spinner sliding rig, my Rainbow Rig
All-Time Favourite Venue: Raduta, Rainbow, River Lot , the River Po, Morocco and Hungary
Proudest Moment: Becomming Dutch Champion bodybuilding and catching my pers best 68lbs- common 72.6 lbs mirror carp
What’s The Next Step?:

Thailand from 2th december to 16 in corporation with PVTV about Gillhams Resort at Krabi



Current Venue:

November Horgaszshow Hungary 9-10-11
Come and watch my slideshow on Horgaszshow